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Service #5:

STAIR RESTORATIONS.. to match your floor

Your stairs are one of the most noticeable aspects of your home. They’re also one of the most used. After thousands of trips up and down them over the years, they can start to look old and worn. If this is the case with your stairs, then our wood stair restoration service will be just what you need to bring them back to their former glory as the main showpiece in your home.

Sanded and refinished staircase Los Angeles
Installing stair treads in Los Angeles

After sanding and refinishing countless staircases over the years in Los Angeles, we have the skills and specialised experience your stair project needs. Usually this is included as an addition to a floor restoration project so the floors and stairs match and blend seamlessly together.

What a Stair Restoration Involves...

Even though they may make up a small area in comparison to your floors, restoring stairs takes a lot more time and effort per square foot. We can use specialty sanders on the main part of the tread but a lot of work has to be done by hand..

A normal room only has four corners to hand scrape, each tread has a number of corners and angles that need hand scraping and hand sanding. Times that by the number of treads you have and the number of spindles and moldings we need to scrape around and you can see why it’s so much extra work.

A lot of caution is needed so the spindles, risers and stringers aren’t damaged. It’s easy to see why it’s the most costly part of the refinishing process when calculated by square footage.

Maple staircase sanded ready for finishing
A set of Maple stairsfully sanded and ready to be coated with the same finish as the floors
removing pet stained damaged floor
A custom staircase with wood treads and beautiful ceramic tile risers

What parts of a staircase do we sand?

We sand and refinish the treads, risers handrails and posts if they are made of solid wood. We don't sand spindles as they are too labor intensive and would cost far too much.

The most professional way to take spindles back to bare wood is to have them removed and then dipped in a special solution that removes all the finish. Once dry they can be re-installed and finished. This provides a better finish as no wood is removed (thus keeping its full original shape) and it usually ends up being faster too. We can help with any questions you have about removal and re-installation if you decide to go this route. Installing new spindles is a good option as well.

If the stair spindles and risers are in good shape, then painting them is another option. It’s a very popular choice and you’ll see many examples of refinished treads with painted riser, stringers and spindles in home décor and architectural magazines. It gives as nice crisp, clean look.

Sanding stair handrail
We can restore your handrails to match the color of the rest of your stairs and floors
Detailed sanding on stair post
Lots of detailed sanding work is needed for stair parts as there are so many corners and angles

Painted stair parts are easy to maintain long-term too, especially the risers (the vertical part between the treads) that get lots of abuse. It’s much easier to apply a quick fresh coat of paint vs a full sand and finish. This is what we strongly recommend to our customers, it saves money and makes the staircase look great at the same time.

Will My Treads and Floor Match?

We will use the same finish used on the treads as we do on the floor so it all blends together. Please note, in some older houses, treads are made of a different wood. If this is the case in your home, we will try hard to match them to the floor but it won’t be possible to get a perfect match unless we replace them. Of course if you would like something completely different (like the black stairs below), we can do that for you too.

Matching color stairs and floor
We can match the color of your stairs very closely to the color of your floors
Stairs stained black
Or stain them a completely different color like these black stairs against a natural floor

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about your stairs and restoring them when we come out for your quote.

PHOTOS from past projects


We did an incredible amount of research ahead of choosing our new floors. Marcos is professional and super knowledgable. He answered all of our questions quickly and helped us through what could have been some stressful decisions. He and his crew did such great work and we couldn't be happier with the end result! Stacey S. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp
5 star rating
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