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Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring Project #1:

Pacific Palisades Hardwood Floor Installation + Rubio Monocoat

We had the pleasure of working on this brand-new Spanish style construction that was built from the ground up. The 4000 sq/ft project was located in the Pacific Palisades, one of Los Angeles’ most desirable neighborhoods. We supplied, installed and finished the floors onsite using a custom blend of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C hardwax oil colors.

BEFORE Pacific Palisades oak floor install
AFTER European Oak hardwood floor after

The 9” wide European Oak was acclimated inside the residence for nearly 3 weeks prior installation. The floors were glued and nail throughout the entire house, except for 4 bathrooms. After the installation was completed, we left the site for a few weeks so that other trades could complete their work, and returned at the very end to finish the floors. The sanding and refinishing process was done to perfection. Our clients were extremely happy with the way the floor turned out, and so were we. Thumbs up all around.

9” wide European Oak
Rubio Monocoat
Custom Blend

Project Photos...

European Oak installation in progress
In the middle of installing the European Oak
hardwood installation complete
Installation finished, ready for sanding and refinishing
European Oak finished with Rubio Monocoat
The Oak hardwood floor sanded and finished with a custom blend of Runio Monocoat Oil
Rubio Monocoat oak floor kitchen
Flooring through the kitchen
custom blend Rubio Monocoat Oil
Another view of the wood floor in the kitchen
Rubio Monocoat oak stairs
Staircase finished with Rubio Monocoat
Rubio Monocoat Pacific Palisades wood floor
Dining room all finished
Rubio Monocoat living room Pacific Palisades
Finished Pacific Palisades project of European Oak hardwood floor with Rubio Monocoat Oil


Marcos is THE most professional, diligent, personable person who worked on our home (there were many). He and his crew are incredibly detail oriented; I LOVE LOVE LOVE our floors. Do not look elsewhere. He is trustworthy and his prices are, in my opinion, fair for the wonderful quality of work you get. Recommending him to everyone I know! Kate H. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp
Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring Project #2:

Pacific Palisades Reclaimed Heart Pine Install + Rubio Monocoat

This next Pacific Palisades hardwood floor installation and refinishing projects was also a Spanish hasienda style home. The 1,200sqft floor was previously covered with linoleum over the concrete sub-floor. It wasn't the best looking floor. The owners wanted something more in-line with the overall decor of the home. We sourced and supplied the reclaimed heart pine flooring, and then installed, sanded, wire-brushed and finished the floors onsite with Rubio Monocoat Pure hardwax oil.

BEFORE Pacific Palisades heart pine floor install
AFTER Heart Pine floor after sanding and refinishing

After first removing the linoleum, we applied a concrete moisture barrier (PU 280) so there would be no moisture issues. Then, once the engineered heart pine flooring had thoroughly acclimatized, we began installation. After sanding, we did a special finishing technique called wirebrushing. It removes the soft wood from the surface and leaves a beautiful, unique hardwearing texture to the floor. On top of that, after water popping, we applied the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C hardwax oil in the Pure color. One of the unique features of this floor is a duck image was found in the grain pattern on one of the floor boards. The owners liked it so much they had us install that plank in front of the stove in the kitchen where they would see it every day. You can see the duck in the floor below...

8” Reclaimed Heart pine
Rubio Monocoat

Project Photos...

Heart Pine ready to be installed
The reclaimed Heart Pine flooring acclimating in the living room, waiting to be installed
Heart Pine installation in progress
In the middle of laying out and installing
Glue down installation over concrete
Close up of the moisture barrier and glue method used
First sanding pass completed
After the initial sand had been completed
Wire brushed floor ready for refinishing
This is after the wire brushing had been done
Heart Pine floor finished with Rubio Monocoat
The living room floor all sanded, wire brushed and finished with Rubio Monocoat Oil Pure
Rubio Monocoat dining room Pacific Palisades
Finished Pacific Palisades project of European Oak hardwood floor with Runio Monocoat Oil
Duck in wood floor Pacific Palisades
And here is the duck the owners had us install in front of the stove


We had 6 floor installers give us a quotes to install new 7" engineered wood flooring before we found Marcos. The installation costs ranged considerably from the lowest to the highest. The methods also ranged. One guy planned to use nails (no glue) and one guy specifically recommended glue only (no nails). From the moment I met Marcos's, I knew he was the one I wanted to hire. He is kind of quiet but confident in his craft and super polite. He doesn't try to sell himself. He just looks around, measures and discusses options. When I received his quote a day later, I was sold. While it was on the higher range (we did have one higher) I found it fair based on his expertise. (Marcos was the only installer that is NWFA certified.) On top of that, Marcos' quote was by far the most detailed and professional. As tempting as it could have been to spend less elsewhere, we spent way too much on our new flooring to risk it getting ruined by poor installation. (My father always told me "cheap can be very expensive". That advice holds especially true in matters of construction.) Marcos not only delivered by doing a fantastic job installing our new floors, he finished days earlier than expected. He worked right alongside his crew. They arrived every day on time and left everything spotless and ready for the painters by the end. I left town while the work was being done (my husband stayed behind to deal with any issues that may have come up) and I returned to a complete transformation. We couldn't be happier. If you are looking to replace or refinish your wood floors, I highly recommend calling Marcos at CMC Hardwood. You won't regret it! Tammy O. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp

Here's some more feedback we recieved from another hardwood floor refinishing project in the Los Angeles area...


Marcos and his team did a great job. He is a reliable, trustworthy human being and I highly recommend him. A water leak warped the hardwood floors in my kitchen, dining area, and living room. Marcos' got my attention when he urged me use a specialist in water damage, to correct any mold problem. I appreciated that he was willing to let go of the job to make sure it was done right. So I had the floors and cabinets tested and determined there was no mold problem. But I decided that I wanted Marcos to do the work. Marcos removed the damaged portion of the flooring to allow the underlying plywood to thoroughly dry. He is such a good communicator and so reliable about showing up, that I trusted him completely. I gave him the keys to the house and scheduled the work while I was on vacation. When I returned the work had been completed. He had replaced the damaged portion, and refinished the entire floor. The new and old flooring match perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Lewis T. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp

Here's another hardwood floor refinishing project we completed in the Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles area...


Marcos is a pleasure to work with, someone you can trust in your home, and a craftsman that does whatever it takes to achieve the right results. We rent out our home for photo shoots, it is featured in a lot of design magazines, so there was little room for error. He did the floors using a new kind of sealer that did not look quite right so he redid at his suggestion to make it perfect. Aside from that he was one of the most reasonable bids we recieved. Shawn G. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp

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