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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Los Angeles more mess!

Dust! I won’t lie… it’s the absolute worst thing about having your hardwood floors refinished. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it yet, just imagine coming home to your beautiful brand new refinished floors, all excited to move everything back in and realizing you have a huge clean-up task ahead of you.

old dusty way to sand floors
The traditional way of sanding with a messy cloth bag
dustless hardwood floor sanding in Los Angeles
With our way of sanding the dust is sucked outside

Every cupboard you open is full of dust. Your window coverings are covered in it. The walls, fans, vents… absolutely everything in the house… has a thin layer of dust all over it. Have I put you off having your floors restored yet?

Up until recently, this was just considered a normal part of having your hardwood floors in Los Angeles restored. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Why is there so much dust?

The simple answer is we are removing a LOT of wood from your floor and the dust it generates is hard to contain with the standard sanding machines we use.

Unfortunately, sanding equipment wasn’t designed to be dustless. Most use a cloth bag that is somewhat effective at catching the vast majority of the dust created. But what it doesn’t catch is blown out into the room and spreads everywhere. Then when these bags are emptied, the mess multiplies.

Many of the machines don’t have any bags or dust containment solution at all. The buffer is the worst machine in this category. It’s a dust cloud making machine. As are the smaller, powerful edgers.

For decades, it was just accepted as the norm. Want your floors refinished, put up with the dust and clean-up afterwards.

As you can see, dust control is a major issue.

That’s why we take it as seriously as we do. In recent years, there has been a big push to clean up the sanding process. It started with and even messier trade, concrete grinding. The hardwood floor sanding industry has “borrowed” technology from that industry and now there are dustless sanding systems available to attach to hardwood floor sanding equipment. When these are retro-fitted, it’s possible to contain up to 95-98% of the sanding dust.

Our dust containment solutions...

We offer two options when it comes to dust containment. The one you choose will depend on how clean you want your house to be at the end of the project...

Standard Dust Control

We are happy to offer dustless hardwood floor sanding on every project we work on. It has revolutionized the way we sand and the condition we leave our clients homes in. It’s night and day compared to the old cloth bag way of trying to keep dust contained. We love it and we know you will too. All our sanding equipment is connected to it and 97% of the wood dust we remove is captured with it.


Our Standard Dust Control set up uses a powerful state-of-the-art vacuum system. It includes a powerful vacuum, attached to a pre-separation drum with double cyclones and multiple hoses.

The cyclone attachment creates a vortex between the air and dust sucked up from the belt sander to quickly and efficiently suck away the dust into a sealed drum.

With this set up, we can contain at least 97 percent of the dust we remove form your floor.

belt sander with dustless HEPA filter
One of our belt sanders in action with the cyclone/HEPA filter attachment and hose running outside to the vacuum
setting up dustless belt sander
All of our smaller sanders are also hooked up to vacuums with HEPA filters.
dust outside from an average sanding job
Our big belt sanders and the edgers are hooked up to their own vacuums.

However, even though our state-of-the-art system is super-efficient at containing dust… it’s impossible to contain 100% hundred percent of the dust created. That's why we offer the following upgrade...

99.9% Dust Free Upgrade

When you want the ultimate dust control for your home, this upgrade will be worth the small investment. Everything in Option 1 is included as well as the extras below...

UPGRADESeal off rooms
with plastic

At times there are rooms that need to be sealed off from our work. With this option, we will hang plastic sheeting in any areas needing containment so we can form a dust free zone.

The plastic sheeting is sealed with non-marking painters tape that won’t damage your paint or wallpaper when it's removed.

room sealed off with plastic sheeting

clean up at
end of job.

At the end of the project, after we have packed up and the floor is dry, we vacuum and wipe absolutely everything down to ensure the areas we worked in are completely dust free. There won't be a trace of sanding dust left throughout the work area. We'll even remove any dust that was there before we arrived!

cleaning up any remaining dust

It’s a very simple system but very effective. We guarantee our dustless equipment along with our cleaners will leave your home spotless. All the dust we make, as well as any existing dust previously there, will be removed. All you need to do is move your furniture back in and enjoy your new floors. We offer a 100% guarantee with this upgrade. If you’re not 100 percent happy with the lack of dust, we’ll come back and clean it until you are.

Which option should I choose?

Either dustless option is far better than the traditional way of sanding floors with a cloth bag. Your choice between the two will depend on how determined you are to have a dust free home. If you are still renovating after we have finished restoring your hardwood floors, then Option 1 would be a more logical choice.

But if you are moving back in right after your floor is dry and cured, and you don’t want to spend days cleaning up, Option 2 would be a wise investment.

If you would like some more help choosing between these dust containment options, please call or ask during your in-home quote.

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Marcos of CMC Hardwood Floors is an absolute professional in every way. Marcos is on time, honest, fairly priced (he may charge a little more than average because he uses the industry's best equipment...DUSTLESS!) and does absolutely stunning work. We will work with him again. This is a recommendation I'm 100% confident in giving. Vicki K. - Los Angeles, CA | 5 Star Review on Yelp
5 star rating
Yelp Review
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